Sunday 24 September 2023

Do you like a good read .. this is one you shouldnt miss

but there is three you can treat yourself too. Country life at its best and the country people Adrian has met in his life. My father was thrilled when Adrian Dangar gifted him the first book he had written True to the Line. Father was even more thrilled as Adrian mentioned our family in his memoirs. Just as they were -cobwebs and all. We are lucky to have another book written by Adrian who was a personal friend of Tristan Voorspuy having first met in Devon 30 years ago and sadly died far too young . Ones life cut tragically short on his own beloved Kenyan nature reserve in March 2017 when he was shot and killed by armed herders invading the land. -Adrian's new book is named "In the Field", is a collection of field sports adventures spanning four decades and is beautifully illustrated by the sporting and wildlife artist Rodger McPhail. If you would like a copy, please PM Adrian or visit An idea present and with Christmas coming up -.... and maybe you will treat that someone special to all three. For anyone who wishes to buy a book Adrian will be at the World Jam Festival in Helmsley at the Feathers next Sunday. He gave his time to be one of the judges and certainly know a lot about cooking. Although i have to say I have educated him on the finer art of making marrow rum after he sampled a bottle from 1985 I had made. The garden at his home is stocked with everything a man would want on his plate. I came away with armfuls of vegetables as well as a bunch of dahlias. His sweet peas were doing well too We are privilged to call Adrian a friend and although his friendship was initally formed with my father well over 30 years ago, we continue that friendship today . One of understanding the countryside, food ,drink and good company . Adrian has 4 Gloucester Old Spots -rare breed pigs in his orchard .They make delicious sausages. He was very generous to my father and often brought him a salmon or trout he had caught on his jaunts to Scotland. You could wish for a better after dinner speaker or guest round your dinner table. To read Adrians books is also an education to those who do not understand the country life and a delight to those who do