Wednesday 21 January 2009

Stanbrook Abbey

The new Stanbrook Abbey is been built just over a mile from here.We understand that it will be finished by March 2009 . This is very interesting for us as my great-uncle farmed there many years ago when it was called Crieff Farm.We have already had guests stay with us who are involved and have an interest in the Abbey and hope in the future to welcome many more.
A peaceful retreat from the stress of modern life.
We welcome our guests to walk through our fields and the woodland to get from here to the Abbey.You may like to go alone listening to the birdsong and catch the occasional glimpse of a deer on the way or take one of our dogs with you on your walk.Looking down to see wood smoke curling from the chimmeys in the village of Wass below.A field further along you will see the spectacular ruins of Byland Abbey.