Friday 2 January 2009

Keiko Igata

Keiko Igata is a well-known writer in Japan, and we had the pleasure of her staying with us just before Christmas with her photographer,Seiichi Taguchi.After sampling my home-made cakes, we are to be featured in her new book which comes out in May. Apparently Keiko has written books over the years for the publishing company Mr Partner -for real life. and has stayed at over 100 places.Her comment in our visitors book was very complimentary -British no 1 farmhouse and great people! *****[cakes,bed].We are looking forward to seeing the book as there was lots of photographs taken even if we cant read the script.The book will also take in Wensleydale Cheese,the Settle to Carlisle Railway ,and Haworth -home of the Brontes and also the Yorkshire coast.