Thursday 7 May 2009

Meeting with Gary Verity

Yesterday I attended a meeting at the Arts Centre in Thirsk where I met Gary Verity for the first time .He is the head man[chief executive] for the Yorkshire Tourist Board .He is very approachable and is prepared to hear everyone's point of view. He has a major task in trying to keep us all happy, but he isnt short of ideas and lets hope they all work. With farming in his blood I am sure he will not be shy of hard work.I hope he will take on my choice for James Martin to be the face for Yorkshire.I was at the NYRM in York about a month ago at a do organised by Business Link and James Martin was the guest speaker. What a lovely guy ,I could have listened to him all night.I even woke Jack up when I got home to relay the tale of the pigs....Afterwards there he was signing autographs,shaking people's hands and having his photograph taken all the way through his meal and never complained once.We observed this as we were on the next table and talk about doing that extra mile .....He was pleasant,charming and totally unaffected by his stardom- a true credit to Yorkshire and to his mother ,who he spoke so affectionately of.Also while I am singing James' praises I am helping to raise funds for the Wass Village Hall rebuild and it was decided to approach James,along with a few famous faces of the area for a recipe for the book we are producing. Not only did he send more than one recipe but he sent one of his own cook book which he has signed and which I am sure will create more funds for the pot. Well done James,you have my vote for Yorkshire.