Thursday 7 May 2009

Jack's Birthday

Thank you for everyone who came on Sunday to celebrate Jack's Heinz birthday[57th]. The weather was perfect and we were all able to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. It started off with nibbles and drinks for 20 but it somehow snowballed and ended up with around 60 for lunch. It was so nice to see old friends from racing, David Kinsella with his family,David and Pam Shields, for who Jack had ridden their famous horse Tilston so many times also Geoff and Ann Thornton who owned Carfield. David was quite impressed by the stool I had painted by Nichola Graham from Tockwith that he would sit on it -next best thing to been sat on Tilston he said. Sorry that Pat and Robin Tate and Karen and Nigel Tutty were not with us, along with others but some are still in the saddle and it was the point to point at Pendle Forest. At 2am on Sunday when I still had to dip strawberries in chocolate I vowed never again....but I guess I will soon be planning the next get-together.