Monday 31 August 2009

Biffs' Birthday Bash- Another legendary Thompson party.

Elizabeth Thompson,youngest of JVT and Barbara's brood better known to most of us as Biff- celebrated her 21st birthday last Friday night. We were privileged to be guests and a good time was had by all. Her older brother Robert who runs the White Swan in Ampleforth served the most wonderful food- 6 hot savoury dishes with rice, followed by "to die for" brownies and a chocolate birthday cake big enough to feed an army. It was nice to catch up with friends,one of which has a home on the Florida Keys. I am waiting for the post to come with the details if I can get Jack away after the shooting season ends. She said life is as laid back on the Keys as Jack is so he will love it. Meanwhile in November Jessica and I are off to Marrakesh for 3 days -I am really looking forward to haggling in the souks and we are travelling out very light but no doubt will be weighed down coming back . There is only a certain amount you can carry in pockets and on ones self.Does this crazy Yorkshire woman always wear 10 scarfs in different colours round her neck at any one time.