Wednesday 12 August 2009

The Glorious Twelfth...on Dallowgill Moor

The Glorious Twelfth has arrived.
Earlier for some than others. Jack was up at just turned 4.30am to get his dogs sorted before going to Dallowgill Grouse Moor for the first day of the shooting season. An early start for me too around 6.30am and for those of you who know me early mornings and I dont mix. I thought everything was sorted but it is always like the first day back to school... cant find anything. Tassels for socks. flasks without tops, enough refreshments for Jack as well as the dogs then we left the Mars bars on the table. Walkie talkies charged up. Then ready to go... Jack took 6 dogs with him to pick up the grouse and now are all safely home feed and watered ,him included and no doubt all will soon be asleep. Tomorrow.Jack will take different dogs with him. Quozzi will have her first day on the moor. Lets hope the day is as good for them all tomorrow.I would have loved to have gone to but when I have guests in it is too early a start and tomorrow I have to go to the dentist.There is no guessing where I would be.It would not be sat in a dentist chair but high up on the Yorkshire Moors tramping through the heather with Jack and his beloved dogs.