Sunday 6 September 2009

Stanbrook Abbey welcomed locals......

On Saturday afternoon The Community of Stanbrook Abbey opened their doors to locals and friends in the area. Kate and I had just been to Helmsley and done a spot of shopping -Jacks gaiters were still not in stock. Barbours are the best lasting gaiters you can get and they are like gold dust at the moment.D.V Townsend have some on order so Jack will just have to be patient. We nipped down to the newly reopened Pheasant for lunch. The Perns have transformed the place - the decor I loved and now we were going to sample the food...
By the time we got to Stanbrook Abbey the place was teaming with people.We were warmly welcomed. It was nice to look round as my great uncle had farmed here generations before.The views are mind blowing as the Abbey in perched up on the skyline and each cell has a verhanda so each can enjoy the view. Full marks to the architect.Now I have been up it will be easier for me to tell the guests which door to go in if they wish to worship there.
Then it was over to the Riskers to celebrate Colleens birthday. Kate was up from London and helping with the cooking. On a spit was a pig from the Ginger Pig Company.It was a great evening.
A Champagne invitation this afternoon at the Wombwell Arms to celebrate their first year but sometimes I do have to work so got down late but the company was just as good as it always is. Eunice is doing a champion job after completely taking over in the kitchen. I can see there will be some great South Africian dishes flowing out of there big time.
Guests from Italy and France are here tonight bringing their children to start the new term at Ampleforth College- must go to lay the tables now for breakfast as morning always comes too soon for me,