Friday 1 January 2010

News Year Day 2010.....

Daybreak at Carr House -Jack was up as usual just after 5am and was out with the camera before the guests came in for breakfast. It looked like a full moon last night as the garden was lit up as if it was daytime.I took some photos but should have taken them earlier with the moon rising through the trees-it made a lovely silhouette but I waited until just before midnight then it was too high in the sky.My New Year Resolution must be to TRY to be more organised. Somehow I think it wont be long before it is broken.
It is again very cold this morning and we have got the log burner going in the dining room which makes it warm and cosy and gets rid of all the burnable rubbish accumulated over Christmas.It would have been good to have got the hot tub fired up last night but it just seemed such a waste of logs.Maybe I will go and have a poke about in the woods this afternoon as when we went away last year the best bit at Gleneagles other than the breakfast was to sit in a steaming hot tub with the snow falling on our heads.There was one bit difference you could wade through steaming water to get there Here it would be a mad dash back to the house through the snow.I think we are going to the Fauconberg in Coxwold for lunch so all this leaves me to wish you. All the Best for the New Year. Good Health and much Happiness- Anna xx