Saturday 3 April 2010

Its fluffy and feathery for Easter guests.

We conjure up thoughts of fluffy chickens and fluffy bunnies for Easter. So I thought fluffy for my guests too. Off I went to Barkers in Northallerton and came out laden with shopping .I had a job to fit all the boxes in the car.Now each double bed has a king sized feather and down duvet and pillows so warm and cozy . They are lovely,soft and fluffy. I have kept a synthetic one just in case someone is allergic to feather/down. Quozzi is getting spoilt getting one of the duvets I have taken off. Lets hope she doesn't take it into her head to make her own bed and pull it to pieces. Quozzi's mum Molly is lovely so I think she will get one for an Easter treat too and the pillows will get shared round the other dogs.I think the "in" word is recycle so that is what I am doing.