Saturday 15 May 2010

Not my lucky day ....

Firstly I would like to thank all the people who have spent time in giving me quotes which I need to put in for the grant and to Shirley who helped me answer 27 pages of questions . I am truly sorry at this time we cannot give you the business straight away but with true Yorkshire grit I will get there in the end. Two days ago I heard that the grant I had applied for through the RDPE has been refused. There had been lots of exciting things in the pipeline. Unfortunately they didn't think that some people would want to bring their horses or pets that we could have stabled them even though the nearest is over 10 miles away. Extra hardcore parking would have been nice too. There were other things too which with the combination there would not have been another bed and breakfast/serviced accommodation provider offering the same in Great Britain but for the panel this was not unique enough.You will have to watch this space for it happening as I don't want to let the cat out of the bag at the moment as I still would like to succeed with being the first. We will get there on our own but it will be bit by bit.
I started yesterday with my tick list going to Maxwell's in Northallerton.From tonight when Jack gets them set up each bedroom with have a Roberts idream - digital stereo clock radio with ipod docking station. Next on my list is flat screen TVs.Changing bath towels to bath sheets ...the list is endless.
For now I will not be able to share my log burning hot tub which is in the woods at the back of the house where you can listen to birds singing and watch nature undisturbed as we could not get flag stones and make it a special area for you.It is a bit too rustique for most people at the moment I just wish I had had my camera the other week as I was sat in the tub and for at least 20 minutes a deer and her young one grazed with 3 trees distance of me. The wood smoke must have masked the smell of a human -No grant money could have bought that experience-they didnt think this was a good enough selling point.