Thursday, 17 February 2011

Louise deserves an OBE- Yummy Mummy

"Just a bite of supper to celebrate Jack's 21st very low key " she said.Low key it may have been but grand it was- in the most deserving sense. I can truly say I have never ever had food like it. I dreamt about it and will drool for ever more. Lasagne and chocolate pudding but this was no ordinary lasagne and certain no ordinary chocolate pudding served up by the ever gracious Louise.. Around the kitchen table 8 of us gathered.Chandelier overhead decked with burning candles. 4 oldies and 4 young whipper snapppers. Interesting conversation to say the least.The candles were lit and the champagne was poured as we tucked into starters of smoked salmon,parma ham and melon served up with lovely ciabatti bread straight from the Aga.Butter- not just any butter -Brittany butter the sort with the little gritty lumps of seas salt in.I must confess I am not a lasagne person but this was delicious Topped not with stodgy cheese sauce but low fat creme fraiche with grated cheese on top. Cinnamon and nutmeg had been added to the meat tickling our taste buds. Then the grand finale Louise is very open with her recipes but this one I am keeping to myself topped with raspberries and rose flavoured cream custard. There was not a scrap left and here you see the birthday boy having the scrapping of the bowl. The world is these young lads oysters but I bet they never forget this birthday meal where ever they may sail to in their life.