Sunday 1 April 2012

Sunday is Yorkshire Pudding Day

Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without Yorkshire puddings. You can have big one.medium ones or little ones. A bit like feeding Daddy Bear ,Mummy Bear and Baby Bear. They are ever so easy to make and proper Yorkshire pudding makers don't need scales. You make them by eye- Plain flour,eggs ,milk and a drop of water and you need hot oven. I usually make 2 dozen small ones at a time .Jack can eat 8 and I eat 4 then there is a dozen left for the next day. My mum makes big ones they are harder to make. My Granny used to drop them around the meat in the roast tin -but that is an art in its self. People associate them with Roast beef but we have them with any roast dinner. The idea of the Yorkshire pudding is to have them first and it fills you up so you don't eat as much meat. Most people have them with gravy I like mine with golden syrup. My mum sometimes eats a spare one at tea time with jam.I am trying to persuade the local pub to serve them every time they are open as usually you can only get them on a Sunday lunch time. I heard the other day that Yorkshire is hoping to make them the regional delicacy. I think that is a brilliant idea. I have been known if time permits that if someone who really wanted to sample some and hadn't been able to find them I make them a dozen to take home . Not quite the same but better than none at all. Here you see 3 differnt sizes.So often when you get them in puds they are what I called burnt but it is a matter of preference to how long they are left in the oven. In summer when you have lettuce in the garden after you put your gravy on your pudding you can have lettuce salad on top too. Don't turn your nose up before you try it .Elaine Lemm wrote a great little book of Yorkshire pudding which you may find an interesting read