Wednesday 28 March 2012

Y12 at the Barbican

Y12 is the show piece for Welcome to Yorkshire to tell its members what is happening in the coming year and what we have achieved already. Gary Verity and his team work hard to let people from all over the world now about Yorkshire and how great it is. We arrived early in brilliant sunshine to be meet at the door by David Shields -how was that for good timing. Everything went like clockwork. There was a live chat show and llamas came on to the stage We had MP John Penrose there who was fired at with questions in all directions. Ruth Annison, who I spoke about in the last blog, is a key supporter and fund raiser for the Wensleydale Railway put the Minister on the stop and asked him to attend a future event at the railways . We all heard him reply so we will find him out if he doesn't arrive.The finale was that the first champion of Yorkshire is to be the Yorkshire Regiment. Soldiers marched on to the stage as their names one by one were announced to a standing ovation. It seemed to touched everyone and from what I could see there was not a dry eye in the hall.