Monday 10 September 2012

Seal stopped play

Had a lovely evening out with my Dad recently. The weather was perfect,the crowds departed and high tide was not too late. So off we set to do a spot of fishing which turned out more to be looking at the seascape. We started off with a crab sandwich.An hour later we had an ice cream.At home time my Dad announced it wasn't a day at the seaside without fish and chips. Although we did share a portion. He managed to find time to get away as he would normally have been up on his combine.Not bad for a man who is 90 on the 25th of this month. We got settled down nicely with our fishing rods.It wasn't long before our hope of catching a fish was shattered.The arrival of Sammy the seal. Not only did he show off as he swam up and down the bay about 35 yards from the rods. To add to this it twice did quite a display bobbing up and down in the sea with a huge flat
fish in its mouth. Hopefully we will get another day away before too long