Monday, 3 December 2012

Country Living Fair with Halinka's Fairies

A drive over to Harrogate to take a look at the exhibitors at the Country Living Fair. Stalls displaying the most amazing gifts to buy for Christmas.Amazing Christmassy smells filled the air .The first exhibitors were selling their wares of garlands -cones trimmed with oranges and cinnamon sticks. Pine cones and ribbons. All those things that stir your senses reminding you of Christmas past. Sophie was there with Sophie loves paper decorations like what we had when I was young -very much the vogue at the moment. My favourite stall was Halinka's Fairies which I visited twice. Such a talented lady who makes these delightful little figures that look that at any second they are going to fly through the air. Halinka started making these fairies to help fund her daughters dream to study ballet in Russia. Halinka is so proud of her very talented daughter and even though she was very busy she had time to show me her daughter's graceful poses on her phone. Halinka herself has travelled the world and is very talented -it shows in her work. I bought the rabbit with a balloon to go on a Easter /birthday cake.I couldn't resist buying a pair of ice skaters too -Christmas present to myself.There is a fairy for the top of the most well dressed tree.
They are just so delightful. You must visit her site.