Saturday, 15 December 2012

Freezing weather...

When did -2 degrees every stop you from doing what you like to do?. Here is my Dad with Alan another die hard fisherman on Wednesday.Togged up to keep the cold out it was carry on regardless. The fog wasn't nice and it was bitterly cold but it didn't deter us from having a few hours over at Filey on Wednesday. It is good to have the Beach hut to go into to get a hot drink and shelter from that bitter wind. With fish and chips and Sterchi's chocolate inside us for subsistence we brave the bad weather.High tide was around 3pm but the tides were high and there was plenty of swell in the water. A few people walked their dogs but there was only Dave and Alan with us fishing. They were luckier than me and caught a flattie apiece
. They kindly gave them to us . My mum and dad share one for the tea and Jack has the other as a starter. All said it was very tasty . I had the pleasure of gutting them and cooking them .