Monday 4 February 2013

Our 5th wedding anniversary

Cards are getting so expensive and you can't eat them. It is 5 years as today that we got married in St Lucia and couldn't let the day go by without doing nothing. I had hoped we were going to eat out at the Hare at Scawton. The Hare recently changed hands and is getting rave reviews. It was always a favourite place of ours and that of guests to go. It is closed on Mondays and tomorrow is another day .So when I was in Filey I went to Sterchi's a wonderful wonderful chocolate shop// Easter eggs are in already -it looked more like a hatchery as the lady explained that St Catherine's Hospice get a lot to raise money thought raffling them locally. As it is St Valentines Day next week there was a good selection of romanticy things on offer.Always beautifully wrapped.
I just got this little heart. Jack ate the chocolates inside and I ate the shell.So it was nice to share it . That's what life is about.