Sunday 24 February 2013

A New Business -Ampleforth Business Concierge

For those of me who know me very well you remember we used to have a sign near the front door which said "You don't have to be mad to live here,but if you do it help".Now that was left here by the people who lived here many moons again. My dad always says how true it is. I would say I have more of a creative mind and on better days than Sunday -a vivid imagination. I have now set up a business should anyone need any help with marketing or ideas on how to get more public awareness and haven't got time to do it for themselves. The business I have named it Ampleforth Business Concierge, as simple as that A,B,C. I am often getting asked on how people should do this, that and the other from setting up a Twitter account to promoting their business into the big wide world. So here I offer friendly advice and help. Previously I have done all this for free. Free - unfortunately doesn't pay the bills so I am charging a fair value hourly rate. It can be so much fun to get your business noticed. I don't admit to being able to help in every aspect of your business that is why my business name included the word Concierge.If I cant do it you can rest assured I will pass you over to someone who does. Please get in touch on 01347 868526 .The first steps to making your first million.