Friday 21 June 2013

YO61ners at the Oak Tree Helperby

A lot of work goes into arranging these events. Jo Burgess along with Rupert Smith have set on to make these networking events a success and a benefit I feel to anyone in business. The host this time was the Oak Tree at Helperby and a glorious evening turned into into a indoor /outdoor event too .Here you see David Shields who is our main stay of the area for Welcome to Yorkshire with Jo Burgess to the right of him. David crocker was there and catching up with David. His support of local business has been very generous. Simon Wainwright of ETC who I have known all his life. He has a thriving electrical business along with a bathroom display area in Easingwold . Surrounded by women he looked to be enjoying himself but business was foremost in the go getter mind.His business also stock the most amazing array of bathroom accessories which even in a time when purse strings are tight makes it so much easier to treat yourselves. Keren -www.TheFlowerShopEasingwold was there from The Flower Shop. It is years since I have seen her. I am going to go along this coming week as I need so flowers for the Ampleforth Flowere festival. Better known to me as Keren Jackson, the vets daughter,she is now married to Paul Redshaw a local builder, who had one of the wildest stag parties at Ayr races that I can remember. They now have 3 children. She is just as dynamic and enthusiastic as ever and very passionate about her flower shop business. I also meet a lady from Hustwaite who I didn't know existed Jane Cluley,who does yoga amongst other things.very talented and very modest.