Friday 21 June 2013

Sam Sam the Lobster Man

We had pleasure the other week of having Sam Cornee come to stay with us. He was from France ,from a farm which produced lots of fruit and vegetables. Every Sunday his family go to sell their crops at Lille market. Sam came to us through WWOOFERS -the worldwide organisation of Organic farming . Now you can get good and bad helpers but Sam was top of the tree. Unfortunately he was only with us for a week -the last leg of his 6 month trip in the UK and was then heading home. On his last day I took him up to Staithes where Tricia and Sean Hutchinson live. They own a boat and their business is called Real Staithes. The sea was like a millpond as we set sail to fish for bait for the lobster pots. Alas there were no fish to be found.The lobster pots though had to be pull up. Not any easy task and it makes you appreciated how much work goes into getting a lobster on to your plate. Sam always the willing worker pulled the lobster pots up. There was 10 in all. Alas although there were about 20 lobsters none of them were bigger enough so they all went back into the water to grow a bit more. I hadn't quite got my sea legs so took the easy option and sat down as we went between the pots. Sean's boat is available for hire throughout the year to people wishing to go out on fishing trips