Sunday, 11 August 2013

Angry Birds at Lightwater Valley

Another great evening thanks to Welcome to Yorkshire networking event at Lightwater Valley. It must be 20 years since we took Nicholas there so it was good to return to see how much they expanded. David Shields was there to make sure things ran smoothly and here you see him having a bit of time out. we were invited to see the Finnish £1m venture of Angry Birds.This will be for littlies to about 8 years old. The staff were working late and thanks to them we saw a friendly snake which I just to say managed to touch. Then there was a bird of prey display with an hawk and my favourite was the barn owl. It came so close you could feel the draught as it passed but so silent. Although Rubi-Sue and Martha are a bit young to go there it wont be long before they are old enough to take . Another great attraction to visit in North Yorkshire