Tuesday 12 May 2015

Tuesday night is knitting night

How I love Tuesday evenings. Jack's tea over and off I go down to Helmsley . 7pm and Gillian,Magda and Winnie,myself included turn up at Castle Stores -The Wool Shop run by Christine and Maud. We all have our own knitting projects and mine is the easiest.The other girls are into cable and dropping,twisting and making fancy patterns. I bumble along making my fingerless gloves at the moment and oh dear the thumb part has been so hard to master. I should have got them finished but had a little detour knitting a cardigan for Olivia's first birthday. I was glad to say I got it finished with 2 hours to spare and it was a good fit. I really must get these gloves finished and then finish the cardigans for Rachael and Tom's twins who will be here before much longer. At 8o'clock we are treated to some of Maud's superb baking. All too soon the next hour flies and it is time to come home. This week we talked about who had seen the swallows and cuckoos and whether we had ever seen a baby cuckoo in a nest. I remembered I had when I was about 9 up the Thwaites in Ampleforth near a holly bush. There is something about the cuckoos call that tells you Summer is here