Monday 22 February 2016

Westminster Abbey and my relative.

We stayed on another day in London and did the things tourists do and I must say it was very enjoyable  A ride down the Thames ,Tower Bridge which I thought was amazing and Westminster Abbey.
My uncle told me years ago that one of our ancestors was buried in Westminster Abbey ,then there was all this talk of being related to Kate Middleton who then went on to be Prince William;s wife.
I asked at the entrance and Susan stood back . thinking I was just blagging my way in to save 320 -she knows me well.  I felt a little bit like Hannah Hauxwell

would have done when she made her way to the Capital. I shook hands with the man on the door - shows your upbringing offered to show him my passport and told him the story. I could see from the look on his face he thought I should have been locked up in the Tower ... The story was told 4 times before we were escorted to the archives library . Now this was something else a library storing 1000 years of history -leather bound books what an amazing sight.
It wasn't long before a kind gentleman had looked up the information and come back with all the details. Apparently not only was James Lupton a Minor Canon of Westminster for 44 years ,he was also a minor Canon of St Pauls's Cathedral.His job was to organise all the services  It was on Queen Victoria's instruction that he is buried there. I knew the Queen Victoria bit before so that wasn't a surprise,she apparently thought a lot about him. He is buried in the West Cloister quite near the tea room entrance. He had laid here since 1873 and I know lots of people will have walked over him but when I was there I wanted to say "Excuse me but I would rather you didn't walk on my relation"
It was Ash Wednesday and we had hoped to stay for the 5pm service but as the taxis were creating gridlock outside due to a strike we had to leave to get our train. he died on 21st Dec so I think it would be nice to return another time on that day