Tuesday 24 May 2016

A meal by the sea

Nothing quite beats a day at the seaside. Whitby is an hours drive from us and when it is a sunny day I always begin to think ...paddle,sea,sand.... and when you get there it isn't as warm as it is in land and the sea is cold and the sand gets between your toes. But one thing that never fails to disappoint is the Magpie Cafe - proudly stand overlooking the harbour decked in black and white. In fact inthe dusking light it could be said to stand regally .While others come and others go you can always be sure of the best seafood on the table. It was my cousin's birthday and I could believe she had got to the grand old age of 58 and never been. Monday evening at 8pm in May you wouldn't have expected to queue .But it wasn't long before we were sat down and eagerly awaiting out chosen dishes.  I know how much choice they offer, so pre-warned is pre-armed and I had advised Gillian the night before to scale the menu via the internet. There is nothing worse than you knowing what you want and the rest of the party dilly and dallying about.  Gillian opted for a medley of hot seafood, while I went for 2 starters  the risotto with scallops  and salt and pepper squid. Never had oysters before ,that had to be remedied, I ordered one for Gillian and she dutifully got it down .In fact she decided

she quite liked it after a bit of face pulling - she always was a picky child eater !
Lets say the finally plate says it all ...and no there wasn't a pattern on the plate but what had rested before on it was truly delicious. And now the Magpie has another convert - not that it took much doing .