Saturday 4 June 2016

Romans roaming the streets

I went to a Visit York network meeting recently .It was held at the Yorkshire Museum .I hadn't been there for around 30 years and wow hasn't it changed .Back in those days it was a few bits and pieces when I took Nicholas who is now 36 to see the dinosaur display.

A lot of care and thought has been put into the Museum and it is not just on one floor.

This weekend, the Romans are invading the street of York and for the 1-5 June there is a catalogue of events.  The weather is great for it and I hope it will continue to grow each year. The enthusiasm for the event is infectious and you can see from one of the photo that even the Chairman of Make it York had to put his briefcase done to listen. I wonder what the Romans would have made of life in the C21st ,this we will never know .However we have the chance to see of what life was like in Roman Times thanks to The Yorkshire Museum events and exhibition as this will run throughout the year