Thursday 1 September 2016

With my competition head on again...

 Now taking photographs is going to be harder than making the chocolate pot.

This is the email I received the other day ...

to another lady et moi .....

Morning Ladies
Wishing you many congratulations this morning for winning Lockwoods’ chocolate pot competition.
Your two recipes have been chosen by Matthew and the head chef.

The next step is for you both to come to the restaurant for a ‘cook off’ at a suitable time and date.
This will allow us to choose the winning recipe to go on the menu.

Before this however, we would like to do a photo with yourselves and Matthew at the restaurant in Ripon before the 6th September (and between 3.30pm and 5pm) 
It would be amazing if you could bring your chocolate pot dish to be included in the picture. But if this is a problem, please don’t worry.

Can you let me know when you would be free this week for the photo.

Once again ladies, many congratulations and thanks for sending in your delicious recipes.