Monday, 1 June 2020

Blowin' In The Wind -Bob Dylan with Lyrics

Bob Dylan originally sang a two-verse version of this song during its first public performance at Gerde's Folk City on the 16th of April 1962. I was only 6 years old when this record came out . It is an old favourite  of mine, so when I laid in the sunshine yesterday under the trees as the wind blew the leaves ...listen you can hear them ... and the words came back to me . And the little birds are singing too   for the song 

 and then what brought my thoughts to the record .  The Answer is Blowing in the Wind..

So you can see how when we have all this on our back doorstep why there is no need to stray too far, even though lockdown isnt as it was .We would rather be safe than sorry. 

 ps I haven't started tree hugging yet but Jack is a bit worried I am talking to my tomato plants ..but I just do that to wind him up .  And I must say for one who doesn't like cats by the time I got up this morning he had taken it out into the garden and put it in one of the wire penthouses we have if we have to have a dog in for any reason and there they were both side by side both enjoying the sunshine .