Wednesday 21 April 2021

Forest Bathing - "Shinrin-Yoku"

Behind the house we have acres of woodland for you to enjoy so when I read this article I thought you may be interested to read it ... Stay at our bed and breakfast, it like no other as we have waterfalls too. Forest Bathing - "Shinrin-Yoku" Intuitively, we know that walking in forests makes us feel better. Research teams in Japan have been studying the health and wellbeing benefits of "shinrin-yoku" which literally translates as "forest-bathing" for some time. Scientists are also studying the effects of phytoncides which are volatile organic compounds produced by plants and trees. According to Dr Qing Li and Professor Yoshifumi Miyazaki, this practice, of immersing oneself in nature and taking in the forest through the senses doesn't just have psychological benefits but has a physiological effect too. Research teams in Japan have shown that the benefits of forest-bathing include: improved sleep quality lower stress levels lower levels of hormones such as cortisol (when you are feeling stressed your cortisol levels rise) reduced blood pressure increase heart-rate variability (high heart rate variability indicates low stress levels) improve mood enhanced immune system function Or You may just prefer to sit under one single tree and admire the view. This is an oak tree and in Autumn the deer come along and eat the acorns. The day I took this photo I counted 14 deers munching away. Then the young ones play fighting and chasing each other .They were oblivious to my being there. I think you can see 8 deer on this photo.