Thursday 29 April 2021

So tonight I got the tape measure out

As I have mentioned many times before, we have visitors that come most nights, but tonight I was amazing. Not only one but three deer ventured through the back garden gate and ended up only 8 foot from me .It was a shame as I get a clearer photo, when I have the stable door open. It was well after 8pm and as the sun had gone down it was getting quite cool and the dew had fallen. I happned to look out of the window and saw a deer near the gate so I went to the stable door as I thought I would get a btter photo. Low and behold there were 3 of them only 8 foot from me . They are casting their winter coats so they do now look their best. The wire fences are up to stop them coming during the night and getting into the main front garden. They can soon do a lot of damage. One night they cleared the whole 6ft magnolia tree off of its flowers . We turn a blind eye to them nibbling the blossom from the trees. We are hoping to set up a hide so when you come to stay you can see them as near hand as we do