Friday, 20 August 2010

Real Staithes and real Yorkshire people

Ahoy there,Welcome aboard. you sea-faring lovers. I am hoping that guests staying with us here at Carr House will be interested in joining Sean Baxter and Trish Hutchinson from Staithes in taking a trip out on Sean's boat "All My Sons" on a fishing trip where you can go fishing -wreck and ground fishing or just a pleasure trip. Times depend on the tides. You will not have to be late as time and tides waits for no man not even Sean. Tricia,a contemporary textile artist runs different courses including natural dyes. Did you know sea slugs actually produce colour. We learn something every day and I am sure you would learn more than one thing if you went on one of Tricia's courses.
What I am really looking forward to is going on one of their day courses which takes you for a walk on the coast line. The highlights for me is to find jet and other fossils,check and bait pots for lobster and crabs ....Think crab risotto here...,and then have a lobster lunch in an old fisherman's hut. This is a small family run enterprise which is borne out of their love for the sea ,the coastal environment and the unique village where they live.