Wednesday 23 March 2011

Go to work on an Egg

...that is an age old saying. There are so many choices for breakfast now.Guests usually start off their holidays with the full Yorkshire breakfast. As the days go on the less they seem to want on their plates. Mine usually consists of a bit of chocolate and a banana eaten on the hoof. This morning one of my guests was actually working and asked for a couple of boiled eggs. He has gone to work on an egg. Kippers are waiting to be cooked for the holiday makers. It is surprising how many people like to have fish in the mornings. Continental visitors are happy with their sugar fix of cakes and pastries jams and chocolate spread-often having hot chocolate to drink. I still ask the question for how bacon.eggs and sausage came known as a proper farmhouse breakfast As a child on a proper working farm where men got up to milk the cows at 4.30am the breakfast was served between 7-7.30am. Cold boiled bacon was the order of the day followed by a piece of cake or piece of apple pie.maybe a slice of cheese with it too. Never did we have a hot breakfast.So maybe in those days we were more continental then you think.