Thursday 3 March 2011

Keeping up with the Boys

Today I have been overdosing my brain yet again with one of Susan Briggs tuition course, She says I must be her No 1 stalker.I don't know about that.Even though I am brain dead tonight I have enjoyed my day.It was held at the Galtres Centre in Easingwold. I rushed across to Thornton's the butchers at break time to get us some sausage rolls- our brains needed food of substance as well.Here you see Craig Nattress who is the web development officer for the NYM&CP. Along with boys from Ripon and Boroughbridge who nearly do a double act and are so much fun. This was the third and last in a series market your market town.We will all have come away with lots to put into action and maybe not enough time to do it all But thanks again to Susan Briggs for providing us with such useful information.Watch out for the Piggy who is going to Ripon.