Sunday 18 September 2011

Jack harvesting

I love the smell of Autumn.When the leaves are all changing colour and times on the farm are busy as we are right in the middle of harvest. Having waited all year for the crops to get ready it is an anxious time in the farmers calender. We are so dependant on the weather -we need dry days so the combines can travel on the land. Here you see Jack at the end of 9 hours harvesting corn. It is dusty and concentration is to a maximum but you can see from the look on his face he is enjoying every minute of it. I took his tea down to the field - no time to stop, it was eat it on the move-fast food with a different twist. Just time to eat while the combine was tipping its tanks of grain into a trailer. You can see as the arms are taking the head of corn into the machine. Separating it out, corn is sent into the tank, the straw is sent out behind the machine. I remember when I was a child,we had horses pulling a binder.Then the sheaves were stacked at an angle to dry like a wigwam and us children would hide in them. Our combine is only a very small one but modern day machinery is all computerised with such up to date technology. I know which was the most fun though.