Wednesday 12 October 2011

Calendar Girls descend on Helmsley

Yes that's right those nude W.I. ladies -well two of them - Angela and Miss October. HRH Prince Charles may have come along but we didn't have Miss July to tempt him. These two ladies had us all in stitches - an evening organised by the Yorkshire Cancer Research was held in the Town Hall. The Calendar girls have raised nearly £4m, still had time to sign calendars and pose for me on the way out. Maybe you don't recognise them with their clothes on.What I would say if you get chance to hear them give a live talk make time to go.Although I have seen the film it is just so interesting to hear their story of how it grew. There was a lot of brave people in the audience too.Mums,sisters,wives and grandmas who had tragically lost loved ones.They were all their to give their support .Cancer is terrible at any time but must be heart breaking if your child gets it. The girls told us that when they began only 1 child in 10 survived now it is 9 child out of 10 are cured.What an achievement.These girls should get halos