Sunday 9 October 2011

Lads Lowance Time

We had harvest and now the farmers are busy getting the land worked and the corn drilled before the bad weather comes. It is all hands on deck.Lowance is a Yorkshire word. An allowance of time and small quantity of food. When I was small this is when I used to go to the field with the women folk on the farm.Everyone used to pull up the horses and sit down for their meals in the fields. When my dad was working long hours when I was very young this is the only time I saw him .Now I make lowance and take it to him in the field. Lowance is usually tea and a bite to eat-cake, biscuits ,teacakes and cheese -Wensleydale of course. It will be also a bit different for Ben Fawcett who is going off to Australia tomorrow to help combine 100,000 acres. He has a fridge and a cooker in his machine as they work from 7am to 1am.Good Luck Ben -we look forward to hearing from you