Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Richmond,The Georgian Theatre and...

I attended a Welcome to Yorkshire meeting today. I had half an hour to kill before it started, so had a quick look around the town. Richmond has a cobbled market square area and in the middle is the Green Howard's Museum. I sensed a great peaceful as I wandered about.You must visit it to appreciate it as it was hard to explain.No road rage or aggregation Everyone was very friendly and helpful.Wearing their poppies as Remembrance Day is nearly here.Catterick Garrison is just down the road from here. Civilians and military living side by side. Military who are so very very young as they walked down the street on their breaks in uniform doing their shopping.Here it seems understood that life is too short for quarrels and disagreements.Richmond Castle stood in the background watching over the town,bold even as now it is a ruin.
Time to go to the meeting in the Georgian Theatre. A credit to all those who have brought it back to life and a mention of Lady Crathorne who had such drive and interest in this place. David Shields took to the stage and we can report back to headquarters he did a marvellous presentation. The only disappointment he was in every day clothes we did at least expect to be dressed ready for the pantomime.