Wednesday 16 November 2011

Slaley Hall and the FarmStayUK conference

On Monday my friend, Louise kindly drove me up to Slaley Hall as I didn't want to be late for the FarmStayUK conference and AGM the following day.I hadn't been for years so decided I had better get up to speed with what was going on. We had a very comfortable room at Slaley.Everything was spot on other than at 1.30- 2am I was woken up by slamming doors,people shouting and giggling coming from other Farm Stay members and their husbands who had been attending a Gala evening. I thought they would have known better than to make a noise at that time of night. I was very tempted to give them an early morning call when I woke up as my body clock is set for just before 5am. The breakfast was excellent. The pool and jacuzzi were as hot as bath water and were ideal for this water hippo.
The meeting was well attend with members coming from Northern Ireland ,Scotland,England and Wales. Our guest speaker was Mr Ken Robinson C.B.E. who understands the need for technology and was up to date with the tourism industry as a whole.Lets hope all notes are taken on board and put into force.
Louise had enjoyed a few hours shopping in Corbridge,then we had a safe journey home
I came home for a rest and went to bed very early.