Wednesday 7 December 2011

The Bread Challenge

I have really enjoyed watching the 3 episodes on BBC2 this week of the Bedale Bread Experience. It made it all the more interesting to see my friend Alison Barnes on as she and Lionel own Crakehall Watermill.I have not made any bread since I was at Malton Grammar School 40 years ago. Miss Clarke was our domestic science teacher then,I had a green checked pinny which was Willoughby house colour -I think my mum will still have it packed away somewhere. I used the basic bread recipe from Jamie Oliver's Italy page 312 and it was a doodle. 2 hours and 10 minutes later I had made 7 extra large bread buns and a R for little Rubi-Sue. I took some to the farm and we eat some and it got the thumbs up.Cinnamon Twist in Helmsley is kindly donating artisan bread for our charity breakfast in January but I might have another try and see what I come up with .I am thinking minute little bread buns.Time will tell