Saturday 17 December 2011

Scarborough Late Night Shopping

It wouldn't be Christmas without a look around the shops after 5pm. Late night shopping they call it. Freezing should be added to that as well. As my good friend lives and works in Scarborough I decided to go through on Thursday night. Susan runs in Bar Street, right in the centre of town. The wind was certainly blowing off the North Sea and it was far colder than it felt at home. It wasn't very Christmassy. I think Helmsley is still one of the nicest places to look around in December and is beautifully decorated too. Never mind I was in Scarborough so off trotted down Huntriss Row. The florist on the corner has been there for years since I was at college. That was over 40 years ago but it was closed. A little further up was Bonnet's again a long standing establishment.This is a chocolate shop and cafe.I wont take about chocolate as that is in my next blog... At the top of the street was the only person I saw who looked to have made any effort to get in the Christmas spirit.Sorry I didn't get your name or the name of your shop. My excuse is the cold had set in and I was rushing to see if there was any bargains in TKMax.Over the loudspeaker came that was shutting its changing rooms in 5 minutes at 6pm. She was peeping out of the jeweller shop braving the bitter wind. She warmed the whole street up with her cheery smile. Most of the town seemed have not got in the Christmas spirit. So much for late night shopping.Then it was off to CoGonis for another wonderful meal -. Buon Natale to Marco and his crew.