Sunday 1 January 2012

Christmas Day

The stag even gets decorated at the farm . My dad did a marvellous job of decorating the Christmas tree up to the top of the stepladder to put the decorations on. The main farmhouse was built in 1881,the ceilings are over 10 foot high. The tree hit the ceiling so it was a fair feat to decorate it.We all did our bit towards getting the dinner ready. Thanks to John Teal for supplying a really plump bird.Vegetables from the garden and even some new potatoes my Dad had grown in the greenhouse.I watched Santa at bang on 12.30am start delivering presents in London via I rushed to bed. Well he doesn't come it you are awake does he?. Jack gave me a 2 strings of pearls. Not to be outdone the kittens got collars. Mini Ha Ha got pearls too and Geronimo a black collar with little jewels on.Here you see them laid out baking in front of the fire.