Sunday 1 January 2012

Boxing Day

Another big day in our calender when Jack's friend has a team of guns shoot at Newburgh. I went as well as I want to get some photos of the dogs working.It is a really nice day and everyone is in good spirits.Here you see Jack happy to get back out in the fresh air.Everyone seems to enjoy this day to walk off Christmas indulgences. Tara and Rollo are on standby until the guns stop shooting.I went along the hedgerows picking some really plump sloes. I was surprised to see them as it is getting very late for them now.I bought Jack a new game bag for Christmas and so it got christened. Tara did a prefect retrieve bringing a shot partridge off the water.Home to watch Kauto Star win the King George -what a horse that is. Afterwards we went to the White Swan in Ampleforth. Another wonderful meal although I was wise and refrained from drinking the port. I bet there was a few more who should have thought like me when they woke up the next morning.