Wednesday 29 February 2012

Filey-the Coble Landing and Filey Brigg

I parked close to the Coble Landing at Filey. My intention was to go along to the Brigg to look to see if there was anything for our supper. Armed with a bag and wearing my wellies I had a lovely walk along the beach. There was hardly a soul about.The sun was shining and although it was a few degrees cooler it could have been 6 years ago as now when we were in New Zealand. There we found clean,near deserted beaches. And here we have it all not an hour from home. Filey has a gracious feel to it .A family place without the glitzy and noise of neighbouring Scarborough -an unhurriedness. There are the most amazing red cliffs. Lots of seabirds wading about fluttering from one seaweed rock to another. The tide wasn't in my favour so I didn't venture out on to the Brigg. There is a Lifeboat stationed here but it would have been very embarrassing if I had got stuck and had to wave for help.So I did a quick turn around but to the Coble. I promised myself I will go back before too long.