Wednesday 8 February 2012

Chipper is the buzz word.

Today I went along to Beadlam Grange to a Welcome to Yorkshire Member Event organised by the very efficient Carol Cheetham. Gary Verity opened the meeting,just back from Singapore.With a crew of 32 at Welcome to Yorkshire and Gary at the helm they have achieved so much for us all.Yorkshire is now the county which is best of the best in the world.What a turn around in 4 years. I am really looking forward to Y12 next month.
A talk from Mark Rooke and some interesting photos -One of Mark at 12 years old with a prize bullock at Malton Market when he was in Helmsley Young Farm.I think I should have won that prize over 40 years ago.I remember we had milk cows at the time. I had to write all the good points on the back of my hand as I had no experience of what to look for in judging beef cattle. We had an interesting presentation by Ben Stone from CO2 Sense. It was good to catch up with other members Linda from Rosedale and Beccy from Slingsby.Followed by a wonderful Yorkshire "tea spread" Time flew. Here is a photo of Carol who looks as if she was flagging by the way she was holding her hands but it was just a ploy. She was waiting for a bottle of Fentiman's Rose Lemonade. She is a secret addict like myself -but don't tell everyone.