Saturday 25 February 2012

Fiona Scott- local artist and Josh the donkey

You may have heard of Fiona Scott -she is a very talented artist and lives just down the road from us.Her self portrait was selected for the prestigious BP Portrait Awards. I personally think she is a lot prettier than what she painted of herself. I reckon she painted herself on a very bad day. Better known as Marks wife or Lily and the boys mum also sister of Selena Scott.Fiona does the most amazing painting and when we had our recent charity do she was very generous to donate a large print of a long horn bull. Jacks daughter ,Sheena, helped us at the breakfast event saw her work as Fiona brought some to display. Jack liked a Highland bull,I like the sheep and Sheena liked the donkey.So here you see the donkey which we bought for Sheena's housewarming and birthday present.I am sure you will want one too.Fiona's website is and you can buy on line. I was going to have an original of Quozzi done for Jack's birthday but have decided against it now and she will rest in peace instead.