Wednesday 8 August 2012

On Holiday

Recently we went to Canada as it was a big birthday for Jack this year. The first summer holiday I have had since starting bed and breakfast 34 years ago. The first week I kept saying I wish I was at Filey fishing.I really meant it as a county we have everything to offer- I am working on the rodeo bit. Welcome to Yorkshire kindly armed me with 2 teeshirts bearing the W2Y logo.H
ere you see I did my bit for the county. In Calgary for the stampede where over 100,000 people go I thought I was bound to be seen.Meeting one of the Canadian Mounties who didn't arrest me and also to bump into George Stroumboulopos who is a famous Canadian television and radio presenter. And guess what he was born in Malton .Not the Malton 14 miles down the road from here but Malton,Ontario. George you could say would be the ideal for Hot Chocolate 1970 record melting Pot for those of you are old enough to remember that record. It was one of my favourite. Born to a Ukrainian mother who was part Indian, his father was A Greek from Egypt.and had the manners of the best English gentleman out there.