Wednesday 8 August 2012

Thank you

Thank you for my guests. Not only for coming to stay with us throughout the seasons but those who wrote such positive reviews for us on the Trip Advisor. Love it or hate it- it is very much a bounce station for people looking to stay anywhere. None of us are perfect and sometimes the things we do are not right for some people. We are sorry when this happens but as my Dad says "you cant please everyone" and "There's is nowt so queer as folk". I am pleased to say that we have excelled to being awarded by the Trip Advisor with this award. We don't like to rest on our laurels and are constantly trying to give more to make your returning
stay better. We have been using Yorkshire Laundry Services for a number of years now and are just in the process of upgrading with their help. We are introducing a cycle rental service from the door and hoping to offer an earlier check in time. As we don't have fairies with magic dusters check out time will remain unchanged.