Friday 12 October 2012

Tuesday -it was Wetherby

A very busy day on Tuesday as I rushed off to Wetherby after breakfasts were cooked. It was the Welcome to Yorkshire Business Hub. With trade stands and seminars. Lots of familiar faces were there and most of Welcome to Yorkshire staff. - David Shields at the door to welcome us. Sarah Barrowby and her crew to keep us straight. I had pleasure in meeting Derry Brabbs and his daughter Olivia .Derry is in all my bedrooms and sits on the coffee table in the lounge too. He was that brilliant photographer who took the photos for the James Herriot's Yorkshire book.What a nice man he is and so is Olivia they are joining forces so more to come on that later. It has been years since I was last at Wetherby race course. Back in the days when Jack rode the point to pointers. Wetherby always had big fences and the water jump was something else. Very impressive grandstand there now. It used to be a cold and drafty place. Politico Pot broke down here, that was one of Jacks' dad favourite horse .Home bred out of Another Pin - a dark good looking and gentle mare to ride but one to watch in the box.The sire was Politico. Lots of memories of those days 20 years ago. Lots of good memories and wins for Jack too. The winning post is s
till in the same place though.