Monday 22 October 2012

How many days to Christmas....

However many days it is now, 65-
it will soon be here. I nipped into Fletchers the butchers in Norton the other day. My uncle always maintained they were the best traditional pies around. It was 3 years to the day since Fred had died.He was 92 years wise so as I was in Malton I made the pilgrimage across the bridge into Norton. Peter Hogg runs the shop. It is well supported by locals and likewise Peter supports local too with 3 charity boxes on the counter.A right meeting place as Joanna Carr came in to get her mum some meat.I went to school with her 45 years ago. Peter piled us with pork pie which was delicious. I have always been impressed by Fletchers as not only do they buy from local farmers, the cattle's passport numbers are up on the wall too.If you were so minded you could track the animals back to their place of birth. My uncle was born at Spring Gardens on the outskirts of Norton and family rellies still live there so I suppose I feel a bit of going to the family's butcher when I go to Fletchers. I could have done with my grandmother's butter basket to carry my goodies in rather than doing a balancing act with them. Lots of home made extras on sale here- coleslaws,salads,meat pies and pates. The jewel in my hands was some rather delicious black pudding