Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mad March Offer

...and did you remember to say White Hares on Friday. As I was driving last week I saw two hares running across a stubble field -Stubble is a field which had grown grain on it last year and has not yet been ploughed. Mad March hares I thought but I was a day early . Hares really like turnips and swedes to eat . We do too. My Dad sows the best swede seed from Scotland. How many do you think ? a couple of rows .I did say we like swedes -so I reckon he grows about an acre. As I walked up the field the other day I thought yes that is what I will give my guests who come to stay in March. I bet it is quite an original offer too . We give you a bag and you can nip into the field which is near our house and pick your own for free. I reckon that is about as fresh as you will ever get.